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Hassle free building

Where do I start?

  • Prepare a budget
    • How much can you afford? (Home and Land)
    • Considerations for your budget
      (heating, floor coverings, window furnishings, fencing, driveways, landscaping etc)
    • Consider your other expenses and commitments

Things to consider when buying land

  • Obtain a copy of Covenants
  • Check Council connection points (water, power, sewer etc)
  • Contact the local Council regarding planning requirements and / or building restrictions or any easements
  • Has there been a soil test done on the site?
  • Is there a risk of bushfire attack?
  • Consider the topography of the land (sloping site, exposed rock, Aurora Power lines etc)
  • If unsure, seek professional advice

Design Services

  • Architect or Draftsperson – can your builder provide this service?
  • If your builder does not offer this service, ask them if they can suggest a Designer or Draftsperson to suit your requirements
  • Continue to be aware of costs involved when designing

Choosing your Builder

  • Does the builder have a good reputation?
  • Is the builder accredited?
  • Does the builder carry all the appropriate insurances?
  • Is the builder a member of an association? (eg MBA or HIA)
  • Do you feel comfortable with your builder?
  • Compare ‘Apples with Apples’. If you are getting estimations or quotes from more than one builder, read through these documents carefully. One builder may allow for something the other builder has not.
  • Will he manage the whole process or is he just erecting a structure?

Inclusions and Exclusions

  • What is included? What is not included? Look for things such as architectural / engineers drawings, carpet and floor covering, landscaping, paths, fences etc. These are things that you will need to allow for in your budget.
  • Contract allowances – are they sufficient for your requirements?


  • Ensure that the contract is a legal and binding Industry approved document
  • Progress payment breakdowns and how do they work? (Deposit, Base claim, Frame claim, Lock up and Completion Claim etc.)
  • Variations / Changes to Contracts
  • Ensure you have proof of finance
  • If unsure, ask questions and clarify prior to entering into a contract


  • Start Works Procedures
    • Council Approval
    • Colour / Material Selections
    • Progress Scheduling
    • Commencement
  • Ask your builder about site access procedures (eg. Work place safety)


  • Handover procedures
  • Check the Maintenance period after the home has been completed

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